Sexism is wrong ladies

So I watched something today that confirmed my suspicions. 

For a long time now, I have been aware that the majority of sexism, in fact all of the sexism I see and hear is from women against men. Let me tell you that I watched a popular daytime show with a decent audience.

Admittedly I came across it whilst looking for a quick lunchtime watch and something made me stay, just for 5 minutes. That was more than enough as each of the women were talking about whether they were parenting their partners. I presume from that, they meant parenting their men. So there was discussion about who drove the car as a couple and who gave directions, so far so banal. Then the conversation turned to men ‘being trained’ and the ladies referred to ‘just trying to get their men to do things the way they would’. 

On the face of it, it seemed throw away, but then I realised, what if there was a show on a primetime lunchtime slot with 4 men talking about how they had to ‘train their women’. Doesn’t sound quite right does it?

Casual sexism from women

I hear it more and more, the casual comments, the expectation, the ‘its ok one way but not the other’ with women.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love women. All of them. They are all fantastic and the world is a greater place because of them. We men are different from women, and we know and respect that. And we respect the differences and women enough to not be calling it out on primetime TV, instead just accepting there is a difference in sex and being ok with that. However, I am not talking about the ‘Karens’ in this world (if you are not aware of what a ‘Karen’ is, refer to TikTokfor examples) but they appear to have made it their life’s work to be rude, unreasonable, obstinate, and in a lot of cases dangerous. I am not sure where this ‘Rise of the Karens’ has come from but it’s not good.

Downtrodden men

Men have become ground down, their say taken away, we are being told we are privileged, or too old, or too white, or too middle class, we don’t have a say. I am not sure how we, in 2022 with the world being open to new, different, better, we as men are being downtrodden. It is not a power game, where if we don’t tread down on women, they will tread down on us, we can all be equals, accept that women are great, women accept that men are great, and that there are things that make us different. Sorry if this sounds a bit hippy dippy but I cannot buy in to the way we are going where there is such polar black and white, such a certainty that everyone is 100% right, no-one is listening to the other side and that is the way women and men are going right now.

Men and women’s future

In 100 years time our earth’s population is expected to be half that it is right now. I think that is a conservative estimate, as technology (think fully functioning droids) takes over the sex, and the babies business becomes an online pick and mix, then partners will become optional.

We should not want each other, but need each other as sexes. Women provide something to men they cannot get in their male friends (not talking sex here, but the warmth, the love, the compassion, the friendship) and I guess that men provide women the same (although I will have to ask the women to give the specifics of what men give you).